Moving from Consuming to Enjoying

Now that we are using fresh foods, it is hard to imagine never having done it before! As I chopped up the fresh garlic and oregano tonight, and squeezed the lemon for its juice, my taste buds began to water as I smelled these delicious flavors!


So often in my life, I have just consumed food, rather than enjoying it. What I am finding though is that cooking can be a part of the enjoyment and can even enhance the enjoyment of eating. This week Doug and I have often sat around the table, slowly taking bites, asking one another what we taste. It has been really fun!

Tonight I made lemon garlic marinated pork chops….with a side salad of course. Ever since my friend introduced me to Kale last week, I am pretty sure I crave it! 🙂


Our thoughts on this meal: it was okay.

There wasn’t anything wrong with it… it had a rich flavor and I am sure plenty of people would really like it. Doug and I, however, decided that there are only a couple ways we love pork, and this was not one of them. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Moving from Consuming to Enjoying

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