My New Favorite Toy

I love using fresh garlic! It is amazing what a difference it makes in your meals! Since I have started this adventure, I am always chopping up garlic… for breakfast, for sides, for dinners. A few things I want to note:

  • Have you ever noticed how sticky the paper is on your hands when you are trying to get down to the actual garlic?
  • It takes me forever to chop a clove of garlic, no less 2 or 3 or 4 or 5.
  • Because I am new at this whole chopping thing, I never seem to get the pieces as small as I would like.

All that to say, Doug introduced me to my new favorite toy in the kitchen: a garlic press! I had never even heard of one and since we never used fresh garlic, we certainly didn’t have one in the house. So, thanks to my hubby’s awesome suggestion and Kitchen Collection, here is my new garlic press:


The extra wonderful thing about this one is that after breaking up the garlic clove, I don’t have to peel anything! I just put the little piece, peel and all, in the press and somehow it only pushes the garlic out! Love, love, love this!

And the end result: finely chopped garlic! Woohoo!



3 thoughts on “My New Favorite Toy

  1. Oh I can just see you now playing with your garlic press. I don’t even have one of those but I must confess – I buy the garlic in the jar that is already chopped up. LOL I know it isn’t as good as the fresh. I am so proud of you. Tonight for your brothers birthday dinner I am going to cook your cauliflower side dish – I can’t wait it looks so good 🙂


    • Thanks mom! I used it again last night….it is so great! Saves me Sooooo much time, and gets the garlic down to the size I want! So glad you are going to try out the cauliflower dish tonight for Jim’s B-Day! Hope he likes it! 🙂 Let me know how it goes!


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