Ganache Cookies Coated with Cinnamon & Cocoa


Many of you have asked me how the ganache cookies came out. Well, they were an absolute hit! I loved them, hubby loved them, the kids loved them, the adults loved them….everybody loved them! I was hoping they would turn out super yummy, but I didn’t quite expect this response. We ate every last one of them, all licked our fingers clean, and even wanted more. I was even asked if I had extra hidden away that we were saving for ourselves that I could bring out…hehehe. And I will admit, it wasn’t beyond me…I used my fingers to lick up the plate! 🙂

The secret was keeping them in the freezer instead of the refrigerator until we were ready to eat them…I realized that mid-day when I checked on them. Freezing them will give them the consistency that you really want.

Something else I was surprised by was how much people loved the ganache cookies coated in cinnamon and cocoa, so I wanted to make sure to post a picture of them here. These were the ones I was most hesitant about, and just assumed everyone would prefer the walnut ones. To my surprise though, these cinnamon cocoa ones turned out to be the favorite of many!  I loved them too, but my favorite was still definitely the ones dipped in walnuts.

For the ganache recipe, click HERE and just substitute the walnuts with a half & half mixture of cocoa and cinnamon.



4 thoughts on “Ganache Cookies Coated with Cinnamon & Cocoa

  1. That is so GREAT that your cookies turned out and everyone didn’t just like them, they loved them. When you find a GREAT hit recipe do you save it aside from the others? Just wondering as you have so many wonderful recipes these days.

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    • Thanks mom! To answer your question: sort of. They are kind of saved aside in my head…but I don’t have them printed up or anything. 🙂 I need to do that…actually, I need to print all these up.


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