Fresh Basil


I always use fresh basil and love it, but this new stuff we got the other day that is grown near where we live has such a full flavor! Honestly, I have never tasted a basil leaf that is so flavorful!

You put it in a jar, keep an inch of water in it, and it keeps it alive. I am guessing that’s why it tastes so wonderful. You just pull off some leaves when you are ready to cook!




18 thoughts on “Fresh Basil

  1. I love basil too so this one isnt planted just literally stems of basil? And in a bit of water? I must try that never thought of doing that before, just got my fresh mint in to grow for my tea πŸ™‚


    • It actually has roots on it, and the water keeps it alive, Not sure for how long….I’m curious about that. Interesting huh?
      I really would like to grow my own herbs….have no idea how!


      • AAhhh I am not sure they sell it at the supermarket like that or i would def get, might have to go down to the garden centre then seems a shame to pull it from the soil lol


      • LOL….ya, that does seem a shame. Probably better to keep it in the soil if you do that. I don’t know much about these things though! πŸ˜‰


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