Liebster- Take 2


Jhuls from The Not So Creative Cook was so kind to think of my blog and send this my way! She writes this about herself, “I am just an ordinary person who has an extra-ordinary passion for cooking, baking, eating and now blogging!” I love that! Please go check out her blog…she just recently posted her 100th recipe…wow!

I didn’t realize you could get the Liebster Award more than once! A part of me feels really weird about accepting this twice, but on the other hand, it gives me the wonderful opportunity of letting you know about other great bloggers out there, who you may not be familiar with yet. That excites me, and that’s the part I love!

Here are the questions that Jhuls gave to me to answer:

  1. What is your favorite dessert and why? At this point, I would say a muffin or cupcake made with almond flour that involves chocolate and orange or chocolate and almond flavors. Those two flavor combinations are my absolute favorite!
  2. What is one weird fact about you? I love toads. πŸ™‚
  3. What are your top three favorite books? I LOVE reading, so this will be tough to narrow. These are the three I think of off the top of my head because they have been very impactfull in my life: The Praying Life by Paul Miller, Counterfeit Gods by Tim Keller, and A Grace Disguised by Gerald Sittser.
  4. If you had the ability to invent a new kitchen tool that would suit your needs, what would it be? Well, since I make such a mess in the kitchen all the time, it would have to be some sort of thing that could clean up after me, or help me avoid the mess in the first place. πŸ™‚
  5. What is your favorite music artist and genre? I enjoy all sorts of music…I feel myself drawn to the fun beat of a lot of pop songs. My favorite though is Christian music…two artists who I have recently been introduced to have become new favorites…Dustin Kensrue, along with Keith and Kristyn Getty. Their words are rich and meaningful and I love the sound of their music.
  6. Why did you start your blog?Β  To share my experiences of learning to cook, and growing to love to cook.
  7. What’s the last movie that made you cry? I think it was Hunger Games 2: Catching Fire
  8. Chocolate Chip Cookies or Brownies? This question is unfair…do I really have to choose?! πŸ˜‰ Forced to answer I would say chocolate chip cookies.
  9. Do you collect anything? Several things: Books, scarves, fun socks, and toads. πŸ™‚
  10. What is your favorite color? Red or Turquoise

Okay, now to the part I am so excited about…nominating these blogs below! Congrats to each one of you! I didn’t just randomly pick your blog, I did so for purposeful reasons, like the fact I enjoy your blog and want others to know about it! πŸ™‚

  1. It’s a Lonely Place – You may know Justine from her other blog, but did you also know that she had this blog that chronicles her journey with chronic pain? This is a topic I am very passionate about, having dealt with it myself and watched others I love dearly deal with it. I am super passionate about helping others learn how to interact with people who have chronic pain and illness, and by checking out her blog I think that would be a great place to get a feel for what its like to wrestle with daily, or to meet another person who can relate with what you are already going through.
  2. Miss Beretta IllustrationΒ  – If you haven’t already, meet Marielle! She is a very gifted artist who just recently did some designing for Prudy’s blog, Butter, Basil and Breadcrumbs! I have really enjoyed scrolling through her past posts and seeing her amazing work!
  3. Cook AZ I Do – Shari’s food blog quickly caught my attention when she mentioned that she loves Mexican food and dessert! “Yes! Me too!” πŸ™‚ She has some wonderful recipes, and I love her desire to glorify God and to encourage others! Again, I can say, “Yes! Me too!” πŸ™‚
  4. Strictly Delicious– I recently came across this fellow food blogger who, in trying to live as allergy free as possible, has had to become very creative in what she cooks. Hers is definitely a site to check out!
  5. My Life of Spice – I love Jessi’s tagline, “Because Healthy Doesn’t Have to Be Plain!” Yes, yes, yes!
  6. Cooking Cove – I really like how Chad thinks of cooking as art. From what I have seen so far, he is a very creative cook!
  7. A Colorful Palate –Β  I often find myself drawn to what people name their blogs, or the taglines they use. Jen’s blog is one of those for me. I love how she writes, “adding a little zest to everyday things.” Yes! I want to do that too! πŸ™‚ She cooks gluten and dairy free…go check her site out!
  8. Cocina de Cella– Marcella is another fellow food blogger who is sharing her adventures of learning how to cook! Her recipes are gluten-free, and she loves Mexican food and dessert! Yum!
  9. Coconut Contentment -Emily is a church planters wife…I felt drawn to her since my hubby and I have done church planting in the past. She has been doing the Paleo diet due to health issues, and she enjoys creating delicious meals and sharing them on her blog.
  10. Your Neighbor’s Kitchen – Nicole’s recipes are delicious…both in the way they sound and the way they look! She is a new blogger who cooks gluten free, and definitely seems to be gifted!

Here are your questions to answer:

  1. Coffee of Tea?
  2. What are your favorite colors to decorate with?
  3. Do you have a favorite t.v. show? What is it?
  4. What is it about your best friend that makes him/her your best friend?
  5. If you could learn how to do one thing, what would it be and why?
  6. What is your favorite season of the year, and why?
  7. Use three words to describe yourself.
  8. Cats or Dogs?
  9. Who has influenced you the most, and why?
  10. What is your favorite thing to do when you want to relax?

The Rules for those of you who want to participate:

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you.
  2. Answer the questions you were given.
  3. Nominate other blogs with less than 500 followers.
  4. Post questions for your selected nominees to answer.
  5. Tag and link the nominees and post a comment to let them know you have nominated and appreciate their hard work


25 thoughts on “Liebster- Take 2

  1. Ahhh! Catching Fire!!! That movie really broke my heart! </3

    And hooray for blogs to visit. πŸ˜‰ Thanks for accepting this award, Lori. I really appreciate it and I enjoyed reading your answers!! I hope you could send me kitchen equipment like yours, too. πŸ˜€

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Patty! Hope school was good today! No toads for you huh? πŸ™‚ I even like real ones and would love to hold one if I could catch it..hehehe. We found something we don’t have in common. πŸ˜‰
      You collect scarves too! So fun! My newest love of scarves is the infinity ones! Do you like them?


    • I made it in a program I have and then saved it as a png file so the background comes out clear. If you want me to, I could make you one. You could just give me an idea of the style of font you would like, colors, and if you want any other graphics with it like a heart or something else.


      • Oh that’s so sweet of you. You made it so well it blended in perfectly I thought it was some kind if widget or part of your template lol. So you upload it every time? My background isn’t white so as much as I would love one I think it would be really hard to achieve it as seemlessly as yours? X


      • I do a lot of graphic art and it wouldn’t matter what background you have, I would make it transparent around your name, so it would look as though it came on your background. Cool huh? Yes, I just insert my name as an image each time at the end of my posts….it is really easy. I just make sure to save it in a location that is easy to access. That said, I really would be willing to do this for you….it would be fun! Let me know what you think….I could play around with some different font examples for you….I have so many different fun fonts since I do graphic art.


      • That would be great just my name in full then …Justine maybe with a couple of xx’s and funked up and girly lol really if it’s not too much trouble id love it thank you πŸ™‚ how do you chose where to store things in media I thought it just went wherever in ons media file. I ask as I really struggle to find things lol and wish we could have folders or something x


      • There is just one place to store it in the media, so you could probably upload it once and use it from there. I probably do it the hard way and click insert photo and get it off my computer each time. Yep, probably the hard way…LOL! I will enjoy doing this for you…what color/s would you like Justine to be in? I will experiment with several different ones until we come up with something that feels like “you.”


      • I do like bright, not illuminous bright LOL..something that goes nicely with the blog, yes I like pink, aqua marine, red..but those colours dont go together, i like your style, so will leave it to your artistic talents, hehe xxx huggles


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