Bringing More of “Me” into My Blog :-)


Something I absolutely love to do is graphic art! I just take out my graphic tablet and create away! It has been a long while since I have taken the time to do much of this though, but lately I have gotten back into it. “So,” I thought to myself, “Why not re-design my blog with my own drawings?”

What I wasn’t expecting was to draw myself…but somehow that’s exactly what I did. It is not something I have ever done before, or even contemplated doing.

Once I realized that was where my pen was headed, my hope was to create a whimsical stick figure caricature of myself….with a chefs hat and a bowl and spatula of course! 🙂 The hubbster and my brother think it looks like me….yay!

What do you think?


47 thoughts on “Bringing More of “Me” into My Blog :-)

  1. I think it looks just like you! Great work. Personalize it to be you and thats exactly what you did. Look at those long brunette locks!!!! Gorgeous Lori! Loe drawing and it is soo therapeutic as much as cooking.

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    • I’m laughing so hard Jhuls! I DID think about making a mess all along the bottom of the cloud….just to be accurate and all! Hahaha! Maybe I will have to add some spilled honey and such at some point! 😉 So glad you like it! ❤


  2. (((((Lori))))) You are a hoot to say the least. Your stick figure of yourself is just darling, even down to the huge smile you always carry. Dad and I just love it 🙂 Nice touch to your blog!!!!

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