Grateful for You!!


Up until last week I had never heard of this award….I tried to do some research on it, but couldn’t find anything that told me what the meaning behind it is. I am assuming it is similar to the Dragon’s Loyalty Award where you are grateful for those fellow bloggers you have really connected with, who stop by often and leave kind and encouraging comments . Those “team members” who help make your blog what it is.

How sweet of both Skd at Aromas and Flavors from My Kitchen and Aiswarya at My Kitchen Moments to present me with this lovely award!

Just the name of Skd’s blog makes my senses kick in and I can imagine the smell of cinnamon, lemon, garlic, chocolate, and butter! 🙂 Check out these Chicken Mini Tarts…imagine smelling the aroma of those as they baked! Yum!

And Aiswarya is one of my new bloggy friends who expands my food horizons! Look at her Kondakadalai Sundal…what an amazing sounding dish!

Thanks Skd and Aiswarya for this award! I feel encouraged!

Okay, onto the rules….I have to admit, I am kind of liking that they are simple:

  1. Just give the award to all the people you wish to (at least 14)
  2. Mention the person who gave it to you, and
  3. Don’t forget to include a picture of the Award.

To those I am giving this award to: I recognize some of you have already received this from someone else, but it is important for me to give it you nonetheless, because I want to say thank you! Thank you for being a part of my “team” here who encourages me, laughs with me, and enjoys my blog!  (And truly this list could go on, but I had to stop somewhere. 🙂 )

Again, thanks to each of you! In your own ways, you have been/are a blessing to me!


41 thoughts on “Grateful for You!!

  1. Congrats Lori and thank you dear friend for passing it on to me as well 🙂 You are just too encouraging and I feel awesome about it. Thanks for all your efforts in going through my posts 🙂 You are so very sweet…

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  2. Congratulations to you on this lovely award and thanks so much for passing it on to me! You are such a blessing! So glad to know you and count you as my friend. A Godsend for sure! xoxo

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  3. Congratulation Lori! And of course a big hug with a huge thank you for the nomination I am gobsmacked once again. It’s been so awesome reading your postsand connecting with you. I feel truly blessed!

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  4. Thank you so much, Lori!!! You are much appreciated and congratulations on yours!! You know that I will be passing this award as soon as I can. 🙂


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