Liebster Love!

*Please Note: This was a pre-scheduled post, as my hubby and I are enjoying some much needed rest and relaxation for a couple of weeks. Please do stop by and comment…just know that I won’t be able to reply for a while. I appreciate you all!*


I feel showered with encouragement and affirmation! Thanks to Malar @ Malar’s Kitchen, Karen @ My Skinny Sweet Tooth, Linda @ La Petite Paniere, Sarah @ Sarah’s Kitchen, Jess @ Sprinkles and Sugarplums, and Wu @ Miss Wu Kitchen for nominating me for the Liebster Award! So sweet of you all to think of me and pass this my way!

The Rules:

  1. Acknowledge the blogger who nominated you and display the award.
  2. Answer eleven questions the blogger gives you.
  3. Give eleven random facts about yourself.
  4. Nominate eleven blogs you think are worthy of the award…it is meant to encourage newer bloggers
  5. Let the bloggers know you nominated them.
  6. Give them eleven questions to answer.

Eleven facts about me

  1. When I was younger my favorite color was black 🙂
  2. I used to LOVE scary movies, but no longer like them
  3. I have been known to read a whole book in one day
  4. I just started decoupaging
  5. I absolutely LOVE Corgies (type of dog)!
  6. I love the sound of frogs….could listen to them all day long!
  7. Laying in a hammock on a sunny day…one of my favorite things!
  8. My new favorite flower: Rhododendrons
  9. I would love to learn how to build and design webpages.
  10. I love the beach
  11. I love the mountains

Because I had so many nominations and don’t think I could answer over 60 questions :-), I am being flex on the rules and answering two questions from each of you 🙂 …..

  • (from Malar) Who is your favorite Actor/Actress ? I have several, but I will say Reese Witherspoon. 
  • (From Malar) Weekends what do you do? Sometimes go to the movies, hang out with friends, housework on Saturday, read, and go to church on Sundays. 
  • (From Karen) What magazine subscriptions do you currently have? Better Homes and Gardens. 
  • (From Karen)  What is your biggest pet peeve? When People talk all the time and never listen to others. 
  • (From Linda)Name the three herbs/spices you can’t live without? Garlic, Cilantro, Basil 
  • (From Linda) Cinnamon or vanilla: which flavor rocks? Cinnamon 
  • (From Sarah) What is your profession or study? I am currently a homemaker
  • (From Sarah) Favourite movie? I love a lot of movies, but I will say Leap Year….so funny! 
  • (From Jess) Who has influenced you the most and why? My hubby….for so many reasons! He has shown me so much unconditional love and grace, reflecting Christ’s heart for me! His love for God, his compassion and love for me….has impacted my life and changed it forever! 
  • (From Jess) Do you collect anything? If yes, what? Socks, scarves, toads 
  • (From Wu) Which dish did you like most as a kid? Tabouli
  • (From Wu) Which cuisine do you prefer the most ? Mexican

I have nominated many of you, my dear followers, before….so I am going to try to nominate some newer blogs (at least newer in the sense that I more recently came across them.) Congrats to each one of you! I am enjoying following your blogs and seeing your creations!

Questions for you to answer (If you have several nominations at once, feel free to do like I did and not answer all my questions):

  1. What is your favorite thing to do (Besides cooking)?
  2. What did you want to be when you grew up?
  3. What has been your favorite age so far, and why?
  4. Would you rather watch a movie or read a book?
  5. Would you rather be inside or outside?
  6. If you could use one word to describe your home, what would it be?
  7. What is your favorite type of music?
  8. What is your favorite song?
  9. Where is the farthest you have ever traveled?
  10. Why do you like cooking?
  11. Sunrise or sunset?

*Please note that because this was pre-scheduled I won’t be able to go to your blogs and let you know about your nomination until I am back by a computer. Hopefully some of you will see this before then! 🙂 *


27 thoughts on “Liebster Love!

  1. Congratulations, Lori, on the multiple Liebster awards and thank you for nominating me! I agree cinnamon rocks but collecting toads? I enjoyed reading your answers. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Congratulations once again love. Your awesomeness astounds me. I have to agree, cinnamon does rock and I also collect toads (frogs)! And you already know of my love for cilantro!!! Aahhhh…. hope you’re enjoying your vacay! xo

    Liked by 1 person

      • You’re so welcome! It’s awesome to have things know common with other bloggers. We even share the same faith! So amazing… God is so good! xo


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