Owl Themed Decoupage

I decided to add a crafts page to my blog: “Crafting Beauty in the Rest of the Home.” Because, like I wrote on that page, I believe we were made to create beauty….and for me, that beauty begins in our home. I have learned to love creating beauty in the kitchen, and now I am crafting beauty into each nook and cranny of our first home. Come along for the journey!

I have done crafting for years, but decoupage?! Let’s just say that I tried it one time about 4 or 5 years ago and the project didn’t survive. 🙂 So you can imagine my hesitation to ever try it again. In fact, I was pretty convinced I never would. Then I got these letters that spelled “Hope” a year ago. I knew I wanted to decoupage them. But they sat there. And sat there. And sat there.

Until we bought our first home and I went into super gear and did nothing but decoupage for days. I had Mod Podge all over me. As a couple of you saw on instagram, I am just as messy in the craft room as I am in the kitchen! 🙂 I love owls! and I also love bold colors and fun patterns! That was the inspiration for all that you will see below. I knew I would be using it all together as decor, so I made sure they all complimented one another.

I painted this tray a dark brown and then I decoupaged the inside  of it.

I just loved how these came out!

This is a canvas board that is completely decoupaged. It actually started out just as practice…I didn’t really ever consider that it would work out and I would end up loving it. My favorite part is the border I decoupaged on it that is the same pattern I used in some of the other things.

I went shopping around my house, looking for things to decoupage. Hehehe. I was on a roll. and that’s when I found this little black box that I got for free years ago and never use. It is amazing what adding some flare to something can do! Now I love this box! And notice the little pin I made to match at the top of the chalkboard. That is actually a magnet that I decoupaged! 🙂

Now that we have moved into our new home, I have the perfect place for all of this….the entryway! As a side note, do you see this awesome antique icebox that the realtor left for us?! It is so much fun! I love the character of it!

So when people walk in our home, this is what they are greeted with. This is what my mom saw when she walked into our house for the first time…

My mom flew in to help hubby and I get settled! This is a huge sacrifice, because my mom takes care of my dad full-time…this is a sacrifice for both of them and we feel so grateful and so loved! She has been helping me unpack, organize, and is painting a couple of rooms for us! It has been such a blessing! Plus, we don’t see her often enough since she lives so far away…this is such a treat! ❤ my mom!

I actually have the majority of our kitchen unpacked, and I can in fact cook in there now! I actually made something that I planned to bring to Fiesta Friday, but hey, why not bring some crafts this week for you to enjoy while you are munching on all that awesome food! 😀

So, Happy Fiesta Friday friends!!

So grateful to Angie at The Novice Gardener who so graciously hosts us every week, along with her co-hosts who make the party all the more fun!

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50 thoughts on “Owl Themed Decoupage

  1. So much fun! I was hooked on decoupage for a couple of years and I totally understand what you mean about searching through the house to find something to decoupage! 😀 You are creating so much beauty for your new home, Lori!

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    • Thank you1 I am definitely happy she is here! Don’t get to see her often enough! I am so glad you like how I placed the P! Yes, maybe we should! Hehehe!


  2. Lori, congrats on your new home and it’s wonderful to see you crafting. I am a big crafter; when I’m not blogging, I’m usually sitting quietly and crafting. 🙂 It’ll be great to see your crafting journey on your blog. The decoupage looks beautiful and fun! Happy weekend!

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  3. I love this! I clearly don’t know much about crafting, since I had to look up the term, “decoupage.” However, that could just be a sign that I need to expand my vocabulary too! 🙂

    It’s so sweet that your mom was able to fly in to help y’all unpack. I love the chalkboard and antique box as well. Happy (early) FF too!!

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  4. That is very sweet of your Mom, Lori – just like you… always ready to back up. ❤ I really admire your talent as it takes a lot of creativity and I must say that I am not a creative crafter. I am glad to know that your move went well and almost done unpacking. We are so excited to see your new home. 🙂 You will be teaching me on this while we munch. 😀 Happy FF, my friend!

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  6. Yay!!! New header, new concept, more awesome posts! I’m so excited for this new chapter of your blog! I’ve never ever tried decoupage before, but I looove what you did with those letters and the board and the little box. (The little box is my favorite; I’m a sucker for tiny things.) And that ice box is amazing! What a perfect entrance feature!

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  7. Lori, this looks awesome! My creative soul is pleased 😀
    I want to do decoupage, but just haven’t had time… It has to fall into place for me to see what will I decoupage and with what pattern, for what purpose. Easy, right? 😀

    I love crafty, but you know that from my blog… Or do you? I haven’t shared my crafts for a while now, although I have plans for it. 🙂 Have fun decorating your new home, and share some photos! 🙂

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      • Yes! I have in my plans for so long to do a post about my first and last DIY cotton necklace 😀
        I have learned how to sew in past year, I have made clothes, jewelry… Home decorations, gifts… I love it! You can find all of it in my DIY categories if you find yourself curious 😀
        Last thing I did on blog is Xmas decoration for candle, beautiful 🙂 And I have re-made some stuff recently and re-saw a dress but it is not complete. It is my second dress. 🙂


  8. Saw the decoupage on you IG feed but it’s lovely to see it all in place and also see your mum too – how lovely that she has come to help you guys! That old ice-box is amazing – what a great pressie for the realtor to leave for you! Happy FF and have a great week!

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