Almond Shortcake Mini Tarts- Guest Post for Jhuls @ The Not So Creative Cook

Don’t these almond shortcake mini tarts with vanilla almond cream cheese and fresh blackberries look delicious?!

To get the recipe and see more pics, headΒ on over to Jhuls’ site The Not So Creative Cook where I have had the honor of doing a guest post for her.

Most of you know this lovely lady…she is fun. She reaches out to others. She makes us laugh. And she really is creative! πŸ™‚

But if you don’t yet know her, please check out her blog! She is a blessing to all of us who know her!

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26 thoughts on “Almond Shortcake Mini Tarts- Guest Post for Jhuls @ The Not So Creative Cook

      • Thank you so much for your prayers Lori! I was feeling absolutely amazing Monday, and then I woke up in the middle of the night absolutely sick with my head in the bowl (if you know what I mean) 😦 So the fast had to stop. God is showing me other ways to worship Him this week though! So post those yummy recipes all you want!! πŸ™‚ ❀ I so appreciate you, and knowing that you've been praying for me. I too am praying for you today! Is there anything in particular I can be praying for?

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      • So sorry to hear you have been sick! Ugh! Yes, definitely other ways to worship Him this week, as you are no longer able to fast. At the study I led last week we talked about how even in the mundane things in life (changing diapers, doing dishes, laundry, etc.) we can worship Him and bring Him glory. I appreciate you too! You can pray for me what I have been praying for myself- that everyday I would seek to build His kingdom, and not my own. I am actually speaking at our women’s retreat in Nov and this is what I am going to be speaking about. It is amazing how many different ways each day we actually are trying to build our own kingdom. Very convicting. Thanks Emily! ❀

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      • It’s okay! I am starting to feel so much better. After a day of food πŸ™‚ hehe. Thank you for sharing your ideas. I am so grateful to be reminded of ways to worship in my daily life. I will be praying for you absolutely! Thank you for sharing your heart. AND you go girl! I’m so excited for you to take on that amazing honor of speaking. You are going to be amazing and I wish I could hear you speak! Maybe you can make a post about it after so that we may be blessed by the words He speaks through you too here on the web πŸ™‚ Thank you once again for your prayers.. Prayers make a difference!

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      • I’m glad you are starting to feel much better! And thanks! I am really excited about the retreat and to see what God has in store! Yes, prayers do make a difference!

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