In My Kitchen- October 2014

I have been wanting to join Celia at Fig Jam and Lime Cordial in her monthly In My Kitchen event, and whew, I have finally made it! 🙂

So in case you have been curious, here is what has been in my kitchen this past month.

In my kitchen…

are lots of tea cups! 

Lots of teacups, because lots of tea! This is my new favorite tea…Chocolate Super Berry Burst…and it is decaf. So supper yummy! 

In my kitchen…

This candle has often been lit. Sometimes because we have had people over. Sometimes just because I am doing the dishes and want to treat myself to nice ambiance. 🙂 

In my kitchen…

has been more experimenting! For those of you who know me well, this comes as no surprise. 😉 THIS was one of my experiments.

In my kitchen…

are sweet potatoes, sweet potatoes, and more sweet potatoes! Hope you didn’t miss seeing THIS sweet potato experiment! 

In my kitchen…

are these beautiful flowers that have graced our dining room table, survived being knocked over by our cat, and now live on top of our refrigerator where the kitty can’t get to them. 🙂 These were a gift from a friend and almost a month later, they still look fresh! 

And lastly I must confess that in my kitchen…

is this jar of peanut butter….just sitting on the counter. It has been a busier time, and I am still trying to figure out how to “create beauty in the kitchen” in the midst of the busyness. Meanwhile, this peanut butter has been our friend. 

It would be super fun to see what’s been happening in your kitchen this past month! If you want to join, go HERE.

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43 thoughts on “In My Kitchen- October 2014

    • Thanks Malar! I wish I could say they are mine, but the are actually a dear friend of mine’s….she has let me borrow them for a while. So sweet!


  1. Lori, I just love your little green dish for your quinoa salad, adorable. I should get back into salads, now the warmer weather is here, and I am always looking for inspiring flavour combos to jazz them up.

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  2. Awwww Lori! You made it and I am still pondering over it. Loved your first post on “In my kitchen” series. Gorgeous clicks and yes the tea cup and that green dish are lovely compliments to a new kitchen :).
    Pass me the hints to join this event please!

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  3. I love this series that Celia hosts! Happy you took the leap to join in…it’s like a little peek in your world. 🙂 The tea sounds super yum! Beautiful photos…even those humble sweet potatoes (love the muffins they became!).

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  4. I love having candles on in the kitchen or around the house – my husband isn’t a fan! He’s scared of a fire starting so I’m trying to find those ones that are flameless but still have a fragrance 🙂 Thank you for sharing IMK – welcome. See you next month


  5. Love that you’ve joined IMK, Lori. Isn’t it fun? I really enjoy posting about the “behind the scenes” stuff in my kitchen. Btw, I just found that smart balance PB at the grocery store and am excited to try it. Also, I have a ton of sweet potatoes and squash going on, too. I’m not a fan of sweet potatoes, but eat them because they are good for you and super filling, so keep the recipes coming! Have a great week!


  6. Hi Lori – so wonderful to see you have joined Celia’s IMK series!! I love the teacup too and it’s very kind of your friend to lend it to you – you should look on eBay for the most wonderful selection of pretty old ones. There are really lovely things on there and you can buy one at a time to build up an eccentric English, mad hatters type of tea service if you wanted! The tea sounds delicious too, by the way! Lovely first IMK post xx

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