Fall Decoupaged Owl

I have really missed you all! I know I have been MIA lately….reasons? I had a birthday (yes, I’m a year older…can you tell?! 😉 ), we have been having people into our home regularly, I have been learning to play the djembe drum, I have been reading, studying, and praying as I seek to prepare for a women’s retreat for our church that I am the speaker for….lots going on….not to mention cleaning, cooking, etc. 🙂  And I am honestly struggling to balance everything. Please know though that I really have missed you all, even though I haven’t been able to stop by your blogs as much as I would like! ❤

Yesterday I finally took some time to get crafty. 🙂 I had forgotten I had this fun felt owl that I wanted to decoupage.

You should know by now that I love owls! I think they are soooo cute! For this one I decided to use papers that would both match our living room decor and be good to use for fall on the slight chance we wouldn’t want him out year round. And that really is a slight chance. 😉

Here is a pic as I was in the midst of creating him…

Once I finished decoupaging, I sealed it with a layer of the Mod Podge. This is what that looked like…

I don’t normally put it on so thick, but I like how it came out.

Fall Decoupaged Owl

*Created by Lori at creatingbeautyinthekitchen.wordpress.com


  • Mod Podge
  • Fall colored scrapbook paper
  • Scissors (I used fun scissors that gave a texturized look)
  • Shaped hole punches in different sizes (optional)
  • Paint brush for Mod Podge
  • Drop cloth or old sheet


  • Lay out the drop cloth/sheet. This will be your work station.
  • Pick out the different scrapbook papers you would like to use.
  • I did not want to cover the sides of the owl on this particular project, so I cut all the scrapbook pieces to fit to the edges of the front, or even a little over. I used fun edged scissors to create a fun look.
  • Cut out random shapes in different colors and patterns.
  • Put a thin layer of glue to the back of each piece of paper you have cut (one at a time)and make sure to smooth it out before proceeding onward. When it is sticking well and is also wrinkle free (unless you like the extra texture of the wrinkles, like I did in my Wrinkled Decoupaged Canvases…I did a bit of a mixture on this project), then you can add another piece. Continue to do this until it is all covered. I overlapped my pieces, put pieces at different angles, and gave it a layered look.
  • When it is finished, layer a top coat of Mod Podge on it.  You may want to put several coats.
  • Set out or hang on the wall.

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25 thoughts on “Fall Decoupaged Owl

  1. So that’s why you haven’t replied my email, Lori. 😀
    You are now a busy gal. I missed you, too. And I know how it feels trying to balance everything. And I am doing my best to do the same as well. Always be safe, dear friend. ❤


  2. Ohhh…adorable owl, Lori! I would never have guessed that the paper would stick to the felt (thought the felt would act more like a sponge). I love the colors you dressed the little guy in…they happen to be the perfect choices for my home! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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