Mexican Kale Salad with a Chile & Honey Oil and Vinegar Dressing

So, WordPress tells me it is my anniversary…my 1 year anniversary on the blogosphere. Wow. A lot has happened in that time. I can’t help but giggle when I look back at my very first post ever. The small beginnings of my adventures in “Creating Beauty in the Kitchen.” 🙂

I have learned so much since then. I have really grown, not just as a cook, but as a person. This blog has been a big part of my story. And never once did I think I would have any followers, outside of close family and friends. But I am so glad that I do, because I have learned so much from you all! You have encouraged me and challenged me!

It is hard to believe that before I began this blog, I hated vegetables. And though I try not to use the word “hate” all that much anymore, in this case it is absolutely necessary. 🙂

But now eating a delicious, fresh salad can taste as wonderful to me as a piece of dessert. Seriously. That is exactly how I felt the other day at lunch when I created this plate of yumminess…

I love fresh ingredients, and nothing tops them off better than a homemade dressing!

Mexican Kale Salad with a Chile & Honey Oil and Vinegar Dressing

*Created by Lori at

For those of you doing Beachbody’s 21 day fix meal plan, it counts as the following per person: 2 greens, 1 blue, 1 yellow, 1-2 orange


  • Kale
  • Fresh cherry tomatoes, halved
  • 1 Avocado
  • Monterrey Jack cheese, shredded or you can just rip pieces off
  • 1 can black beans, drained and rinsed
  • Chile Powder
  • Honey
  • Virgin Olive Oil
  • Red wine vinegar


  • Put all the vegetable and beans together in two separate bowls or plates.
  • Make the dressing using the chile powder, honey, olive oil, and red wine vinegar. Play around with the amounts of each, in order to make it to your liking.


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36 thoughts on “Mexican Kale Salad with a Chile & Honey Oil and Vinegar Dressing

  1. Happy anniversary, Lori! With all that blogging entails, that is truly an accomplishment. I have enjoyed your blog and your cheerful disposition very much and am so glad I met you through the blogosphere. The salad you created looks delicious! I love salad as much as dessert as well. Best wishes to you in the new year!

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  2. It’s been a year? Wow! Time really flies so fast, Lori. I am happy to know you and I really enjoyed every chats we had. I missed those emails, btw. I am glad to see you! ❤ Hugs!

    And this looks delicious!! 😀


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