Thrift Store Finds: Refinished for a New Fun Look

My counselor gave me an awesome word picture yesterday that my heart totally resonates with: I am in my third trimester of pregnancy without a due date. Yes! As he put it, though I am not actually pregnant, but foster-adopting for those of you who don’t know that yet, I am feeling all the emotions and experiencing all the nesting that a pregnant woman in her third trimester would feel….I just don’t know when the time will come to meet our children/child. I also have no idea what gender we are having (which is funny since I always planned on finding out if I did get pregnant). And we could be having triplets for all I know. 🙂

So as this third trimester pregnant-like woman continues to nest :-), I have been busy refinishing furniture for one of the kid’s rooms. The picture of this fun piece of furniture that you see at the top is what I created from this piece in the picture below. I found this at a thrift store for about $12. Just like the picture frames I showed you, I began by sanding the entire thing. By doing this, I made sure there were no rough edges, and it also allows for the paint to actually work right on the furniture.

I am going to admit something here…..I often do things the hard way. Very. Often. 🙂 This time was no different. When I started this project I wasn’t planning on distressing the furniture. Guess what? I changed my mind….after it was already too late to do it the simple way. Did that stop me? No….I am not sure if that “no” though is unfortunate or fortunate. 😉

Instead of me explaining all the craziness I went through to get the distressed look on this, go here to find the “how to.”

Yes, I did this little table you see below the hard way as well…

I can’t find my “before” picture of this table, but I found this little guy at the thrift store too for $5. It was all white and laminate. Yes, you can paint and distress laminate furniture! See how the edges look all worn?

I may have done it the hard way, but I absolutely love how these pieces came out!

To my Fiesta Friday friends….I know I usually bring food to the party….but I thought it would be fun to have a different sort of creativity to look at as you munch on all the wonderful, creative dishes! May this inspire you to try something new…whether it be in the kitchen, or somewhere else around the house!


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31 thoughts on “Thrift Store Finds: Refinished for a New Fun Look

  1. Lori, first I’m way behind but congrats on your pregnancy!!! I had no idea because I haven’t been keeping up with reading blogs, but yay–so excited for you! I love what you did with the furniture too. 🙂

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  2. LOVE it Lori!!!! What a great and thrifty idea!!! AH the best of luck to you in your third trimester, aahhh! My BFF just had a baby, I wish you all the best as you prepare for your little bundle of joy, can’t wait to find out what the sex will be, awwww!!! ❤


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