Homemade DIY Glass Magnets

Friday already! Fridays to me ( at least until we have kiddos) means a few for sure things….exercise, music practice (singing, djembe, sometimes the electric drums), spending time with my hubby and sometimes friends, and Fiesta Friday whenever possible. And my friends, this week Fiesta Friday is indeed possible! 🙂

I have some fantastic recipes to share with you, but I don’t have the energy to write the recipes right now. So, today I bring you some more of my crafting adventures.

These beauties are homemade magnets I created as a gift. All you need is clear glass pebbles (I got mine at the dollar store), an inch size round hole punch, glue you can use on glass and tile, scrapbook paper of your choice, and adhesive magnets you can get at a craft store.

You simply punch holes in the paper, glue it right side up on the bottom of the glass, then attach a piece of magnet. Easy as can be, and such a great gift idea! You can really personalize them, which is what I really love!

Here is an entirely different one I made for someone else, and then used it as a decorative top for a little container. Instead of putting the magnet on the back, I just glued it onto the top. I really love this one….love turquoise and love the adorable bird!

Try this out, and if you do, I would love to see what you create!

Happy Fiesta Friday to my fellow party-goers! As always, thank you Angie and the co-hosts!


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