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Ah, it feels nice to be sitting here, looking at my computer screen, writing to you.

For the majority of the past 2 1/2 weeks, I haven’t really gotten to look at a computer screen….or a telephone screen…..or my kindle screen……or a t.v. screen. Why?

Well, that is what happens when you slip down the stairs and get a concussion. Yes, I am totally okay….just had to deal with major head pain, nausea, light sensitivity, sore eyes, and tired limbs for most of that time. I am feeling much better, which is why I am even able to be on here, and the majority of my symptoms are gone.

I don’t know how athletes deal with getting concussions all the time….I never, ever want one again. You should see me walking down the stairs. I am oober careful, making sure to hold onto the rail the whole way. 🙂 I know this makes my hubby, friends, and other family members happy to hear. Every time someone has come over they have said, “Are you sure you want to walk upstairs?” 🙂

Okay, now that I have gotten my MIA status out of the way ;-), I am super excited to show you something I have been working on for our future kiddos!

I wanted a place in the house where they could put up their artwork…where they could walk by and see it and know we care and enjoy seeing their creations. This is what I came up with in our hallway:

Notice the Pablo Picasso quote in between the two frames. I came across it and just knew I had to incorporate it into the design! There are a lot of different vinyl stencils with this quote, but this was my most favorite because of its artistic flair.

I found these two frames, took some rope and painted it red, and then used a staple gun to attach the rope to the back. I love, love, love how it came out!

I can’t wait to someday see our kid’s artwork in these frames! 🙂 ❤

What do you normally do with your children’s artwork? 

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8 thoughts on “Art Display

  1. Oh dear Lori! I am so glad you are feeling much better now. Please do take care. The art frames look super good. Some of my daughter’s artworks are adorning the walls of her grandmothers home. The smaller ones are filed away. The 3d ones are packed carefully in a carton, and some are on display.

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  2. My heavens Lori, be careful!!! Glad you are feeling better! HA! Most of the artwork from the youngest 2 are smack dab in front of the refrigerator with magnets of course. The other three (10, 8, 6 ) do not have as much unless it’s a special occasion, Mothers Day coming up, that type of thing. I have every piece of artwork they have ever done packed away to give them all these treasures I have been collecting all these years for them. Great fun! Love your new wall addition, too cute!
    Have a great weekend. Cheryl

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  3. Oh my gosh that’s horrible! Glad you are ok now and able to carry on. Haven’t seen your blog in a while, actually took a little hiatus myself for a few months. Lovely art display wall you’ve created! Love the stencil and bet you are excited to see the little ones artwork displayed!


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  5. Oh my goodness, Lori. So sorry to hear about the concussion! You need lots of rest and have to take lots of care with that. It can be really tricky to recover from.
    I just love all of your super creative ideas for your children! You are so talented! 😀

    Take good care and have a wonderful weekend!


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