Wow, it has been so long since I have written that I didn’t even remember my password anymore! 🙂

Yes, I am okay….my absence first started because I had a concussion that lasted over three months. And throughout that time we were busy getting our house ready for our home study inspection in order to get our foster license, as many of you already knew.

August 31st changed our life forever….that was the day our three precious kiddos came to live with us. Yes, we went from 0 kids to 3 kids in a day! 🙂 We continue to adjust as a family, and look forward to the day we can officially adopt them…usually a 6 month waiting period, so we are about halfway through.

Life is very different now. I don’t have much free time. 😉 My priorities have changed. Cooking is different with kiddos in the house. I haven’t gotten to do a DIY project in months. Though I do still have many DIY ideas up my sleeve! 😉

doug and Ic

And I know this may freak some of you out, but yes, I cut 16 inches off of my hair! 🙂 I became a mom. I chopped my hair off. 🙂

Miss you all!



30 thoughts on “Update

  1. congratulations Lori dear ..must say we missed you, all these days..but really happy for you..i can see all the happiness in your face..you are looking good in new hair style ,but i loved your long brown silky hair:)

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  2. Welcome back Lori. I missed you. But I thought you must be busy with your kids. And I am so very happy for you. I can see the motherhood glow on your face. Stay blessed. And we will love to see the family pic whenever it is okay to put it up. All the best. And lots of hugs to your kiddos ❤ ❤ ❤

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