Don’t let the name fool you :-)

  • Having the perfect body
  • Looking good in my bathing suit
  • Being skinny

These were NOT my goals as I began my fitness journey. In light of that, you may understand why I was hesitant to try “Beachbody.” To me the name seemed to symbolize so much that I don’t like. I felt like they were making fitness all about the superficial.

In case you are like me and cringe at the name, let me tell you what Beachbody is really about. They are about changing lives. Helping people. Inspiring others. Building confidence in people. Making people stronger, both inside and out. THIS…..this is why I became a Beachbody coach despite my reaction to the name. 🙂

Beachbody coaches lead 30 day challenge groups for people….its a private Facebook page where we encourage each other, motivate each other, check in about our workouts, hold each other accountable, share recipes and health tips. I was a part of 2 different groups back to back, and it really was, in my mind, my last shot. I tried pretty much everything to get to a healthy place…changing medicines (that turned out to be awful), trying other products that are popular out there right now, eating well, exercising a few times a week. And not only was it my last shot, but I frankly didn’t think it was going to work. 🙂 But, I put 100% in and gave my all. And yes, I was completely shocked because it actually worked! Here is my before and after for the 2 challenge groups I did. I am currently now in my third one, which I am helping lead as a coach.


Yes, I am grateful to be so much healthier. I love feeling physically stronger. But the thing that has been most amazing, and the reason I became a coach, is how much I have grown as a person. This process has been life changing. It is amazing how much being stretched physically, stretches you mentally, emotionally, and spiritually as well. I now know I can do so much more than I ever thought I could. I know that I can push myself much harder. I have inner strength that wasn’t there 80 days ago.

I want to bring hope to those struggling with weight gain due to medicine. I want to bring hope to those who are so stressed that their weight has skyrocketed. I want to inspire and encourage those who feel like they can’t do it. I want to walk alongside people as they change, externally and internally. I want to help women realize that building muscle is important for our health. I have a heart for foster and adoptive moms and special needs moms who are so drained being on all the time…I want to see more moms in general taking time for self-care. It is essential! As a mom, and particularly as a foster-adopt mom of children with high needs, this journey has been priceless! I am more grateful than I can express!




10 thoughts on “Don’t let the name fool you :-)

  1. So glad this has been so great for you Lori!!! You are hard working and motivated and it is wonderful that it is else helping emotionally, mentally and spiritually! Love ya 🙂

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