Your only Competition is Yourself 

I love this quote when I think about fitness and any results I see… “Your only competition is yourself.” It’s not about comparing myself with others or trying to have someone else’s body. But don’t we so often live that way? We see a woman whose hips are smaller and wonder why we can’t have those hips. We see how thin a woman is and wonder if we could ever get there. We spot a woman whose muscles are so defined and envy her. We see the woman in a bikini who has no cellulite and want to hate her.

These beachbody fitness groups I have been a part of since November have done so much internally to change my mindset. Today I can say that I feel confident in my own skin. Yes, I’ve now lost about 25 pounds and a lot of inches. But guess what? I still have some extra fat. I still have cellulite. And my hip bones are larger than some women, so I will never have tiny little hips.

My fitness journey is mine. It will look different than anyone else’s. And it’s not about how good I can get my body to look. It’s about being healthy and being okay and content with who I am…with the size of my body, the limitations of my body. It’s about pushing myself. Persevering. Growing as a person. Not giving up.

So when I think about the fact that my only competition is myself, these are the wrong questions to ask:

  1. Do I look as good as so-and-so?
  2. Are my results as good as hers?
  3. Do I now look as thin as she does?

Instead, I need to be asking myself:

  1. Did I push and try my hardest?
  2. How have I changed and grown these past 30 days?
  3. What differences do I feel or see in my own body?

Results. Differences. Changes. Growth.

Well, I just finished my last day of the current 30 day beachbody challenge group I was doing. I did two workout programs together…one was a weight lifting one and the other was a yoga/Pilates/cardio combo. And I am going to share my results with you in the hope that they will encourage you to step out and try something. Your results will be different, but you will see results nonetheless. And remember that your only competition is yourself…don’t give in to playing the comparison game.

I am honestly a better person for having gone through these challenge groups and being pushed beyond what I thought I could do. After these 30 days…

1. I am so much stronger

2. I have lost 5 pounds, even though I’m gaining muscle and it weighs more than fat.

3. My inches didn’t change much

4. My muscles are slowly getting more defined

5. My body shape has changed

6.  I can do one tricep push-up on my toes now!

7. Balance and flexibility have improved

8. I can do some burpees now!

9. I feel a lot more confident in my own skin

Three challenge groups ago, I never would have imagined I’d be where I am at today…internally and externally.

I would love to hear about your own health and fitness journey…both the struggles and the victories.


5 thoughts on “Your only Competition is Yourself 

  1. You look so good!!! I struggle with blowing off working out entirely for the day if I don’t have time to do it perfectly (i.e.: 1 hour, lifting abs and cardio)

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    • That used to be soooo hard for me too! I was such a perfectionist and always had high expectations that if I missed a workout during the week I would just not work out the rest. It’s crazy how perfectionism can effect you like that. You’ve got this girl! Even if it’s not perfect, even if it doesn’t look like what you want it to look like…doing something imperfectly is better than not doing it at all.

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