I Am Not a Super-anything 

She is the same. Yet she is different.

She is not a super-anything. She doesn’t want to be. She doesn’t have the perfect body. She has cellulite. She has stretch marks. She has extra fat. She has a sweet tooth. She loves food more than she should.

She is not a super-anything. She’s a normal woman. She desires to be real. She is trying to get healthy. She doesn’t want the perfect body. She doesn’t want attention from others. She’s not trying to get skinny.

She is not a super-anything. She is her. She wants to encourage people that they can do something that is really hard. She wants to inspire through her own struggles. She desires to give others hope.

She is me.

I am the same girl as I used to be. I am still a mom. I love Jesus. I’m always singing. My favorite person is my hubby. I cry over the sadness in this world. I laugh a lot. I’m a goof ball. I value relationships.

Yet I am different. I know more about myself. I have confronted my weaknesses. I am a stronger person. I have grown in patience and perseverance. I have fallen and gotten back up. Time and time again.

I am the same. Yet I am different. I am not a super-anything. I am me.


4 thoughts on “I Am Not a Super-anything 

    • Hi Loretta! So great to hear from you! I am working out and eating well thanks to Beachbody and their amazing workouts that I can do right from my home! I tried so many things before, and I finally found something that works!


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