I asked Malar the other day what Turmeric was (I’m hearing so much about new and different ingredients from you all), and she wrote this post all about it! Thanks Malar! How sweet of you!

Malar's Kitchen

Turmeric is a spice used in cooking, as well as for medicine and as a dye for food and fabric. It imparts a subtle flavor and brilliant yellow color. Therapeutically, turmeric is known as a powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, helpful in the treatment of skin diseases, digestive problems, bacterial and viral infections, wounds, and many other uses. In India it is the king of all spices. It is widely found in south Asian cuisine.

What does it look like? Fresh turmeric roots are small, knobby roots about the size of your finger with brownish skin and pale to deep-orange flesh. When boiled, dried, and ground, the powder turns a deep yellow.

What does it taste like? Turmeric adds a slightly bittersweet, astringent flavor to foods. The active ingredient is curcumin, which is unrelated to cumin seed.

What’s the best way to store it? Place ground turmeric in an airtight container…

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