“Sweet” Surprise

It is super encouraging when someone actually tries out a recipe of yours! I’m still somewhat shocked when someone does it….using one of my recipes….me….the girl who hated cooking. Wow.
Just the other day The Seated Cook baked up my almond honey muffins! It was so exciting to see! What was even more exciting was that she really liked them! You can check out her post HERE. She made some changes based on what she had on hand and they sound just as yummy!
Please also say hello to her and look around her site. I have always been drawn to the fact that she doesn’t let her health stop her from doing something she loves…cooking. She had just gotten creative about it, thus becoming the “Seated Cook.”

The Ugly Behind the Beauty

It has been wonderful cooking for my family! I am positive hopeful they think so too, despite the craziness I have brought into their kitchen! Yep, that’s right folks, I have brought all of my messiness to my parent’s house!       ( Sorry mom & Dad ❤ )

So, you saw the beautiful pie that I cooked for my dad for Father’s day….well, here is what was behind the scenes in making that pie! 😀

I really don’t know how these things happen to me, but they just do ….. sometimes often! You should have seen my dad’s face when he walked into the kitchen… 😉


And you see this egg? Who has had an egg explode on them!? Does that even really happen?! Well yes friends, it indeed does!


Because I had one explode all down my leg and foot! (Hard to see in this pic, so I circled the evidence. 🙂 )


May this bring you some laughter today….I know it brought all of us tons! And a big shout out to my mom, who cleaned all this mess up for me! ❤


Bringing More of “Me” into My Blog :-)


Something I absolutely love to do is graphic art! I just take out my graphic tablet and create away! It has been a long while since I have taken the time to do much of this though, but lately I have gotten back into it. “So,” I thought to myself, “Why not re-design my blog with my own drawings?”

What I wasn’t expecting was to draw myself…but somehow that’s exactly what I did. It is not something I have ever done before, or even contemplated doing.

Once I realized that was where my pen was headed, my hope was to create a whimsical stick figure caricature of myself….with a chefs hat and a bowl and spatula of course! 🙂 The hubbster and my brother think it looks like me….yay!

What do you think?


FoodGurly making my recipe! :-)

Joanna at FoodGurly.com made a YouTube video of her making my edible cookie dough recipe! It was so fun to watch! Joanna is such a sweetie and makes wonderful gluten free food! If you haven’t visited her blog and begun to follow it, you will want to!

Thanks Joanna….this really blessed and encouraged me! Love it!



Writing Process Blog Tour


I was so super excited when I got an email from Jhuls, inviting me to take part in this writing tour! You may be asking, “What is this tour?” Well, it seems to be another way of continuing to get to know one another and to introduce others to fellow bloggers!

If you don’t know Jhuls The Not So Creative Cook who does actually happen to be very creative :-D, you need to go check out her blog! Her and I hit it off right away and I always look forward to chatting with her on here! As you will quickly find out, she is so sweet, so excitable, and so funny! Honestly, I absolutely love reading her posts as much as I love looking at the food she cooks! 🙂 Thanks Jhuls for inviting me to be a part of this! I appreciate you!

What am I working on?

  • Coming up with some new recipes from scratch…that is my passion! I am wanting to experiment with some new ingredients, which many of you have introduced me to.
  • Taking some of the amazing types of dishes you all have created and making them into a low-glycemic version that still tastes amazing! I love this challenge! I don’t just want to eat low-glycemic, I want to eat delicious food!
  • Continuing to learn how to clean as I go in the kitchen, and to keep organized in a way that is most beneficial for when I cook. 🙂

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

  • Every single one of my recipes are low-glycemic and I use no refined sugars.
  • Not only are all my recipes low-glycemic, but 99% of them are also gluten free.
  • I am totally new at cooking! I have literally just begun really cooking 4 months ago yesterday!
  • I also love to show you my bloopers along the way, because I definitely have them! I like to be real about my new adventures in loving to cook, in the hopes that it would encourage others!

Why do I write what I do?

  • I love getting to create in the kitchen…it brings me so much joy! And I want to share that joy with the rest of you.
  • I want to help people see that you can eat delicious food, including desserts, without using refined sugar and raising your glycemic levels.

How does your writing process work?

  • First I come up with something creative to make.
  • Then I take lots of pictures of the process.
  • And lastly, I tell all of you about it. 🙂 When I can, I love to weave in stories from my life that have to do with the food, and even add some personal pictures.

I am so excited for these next three bloggers to take part in this writing process blog tour a week from today! I can’t wait to see what the answers to their questions are!

  1. Chef Julianna at Foodie on Board-I can hardly believe this woman, who is super busy as a high school educator, cooks all of the lovely things she does! “Cooks” isn’t even the right word for it. It is more like “creates” or “innovates” or “designs.” Yes her food is delicious! But her food is also like a piece of artwork! Truly! And have I mentioned how sweet she is? She is a big encourager of other foody bloggers around her! I remember being shocked that someone as good at what she does would actually like my recipes! 🙂
  2. Linda at La Petite Paniere– I remember the first time I came across Linda’s blog. I thought something like this, “Wow, she is an amazing cook!” 😀 And when I think of her, the word that pops into my head is “gourmet.” What she creates is often so unique and in my mind, fancy….yet not so fancy that you or I couldn’t have a go at it ourselves! I feel like she brings gourmet down to my level and gives me hope that I can make something like that. I love it!
  3. Apsara at Eating Well Diary– No I am not a Vegetarian, but I love the dishes that Apsara comes up with! I don’t doubt for a second that they will intrigue you as well! A confession here: I actually hated most vegetables before I started cooking 4 months ago, but I love eating them now and even crave things like kale on a regular basis! And Apsara’s blog is full of creative ideas of different ways to make things with vegetables…I am always on the look out for ideas like that!

I am so grateful to have gotten connected with all three of these women! So, check these ladies’ lovely blogs out and be on the lookout for their answers next week!

On a final note, I want to make Nancy from Feasting with Friends an honorary “writing process blog tour” participant. Without her having to answer these questions, I wanted to find a creative way for her to somehow be a part of this tour. So,  this is how I am doing it. 🙂 Please check out her site, along with these other ladies. I check Nancy’s blog pretty much every time I am on here….and I do this for several reasons. A couple of which are…

  1. She makes such creative and yummy food!
  2. She is so super sweet…full of the encouragement that a fellow foody blogger like me needs! You will like her and her food so much!

I know you really wanted to be a part of this Nancy, even though you are unable to, so surprise, and welcome to the tour! Just like people are given honorary degrees, I am giving you this honorary “writing process blog tour” participation! 😀 Enjoy!


The Before & After

I love my husband! There are so many reasons why I think he is so great, but here is one of them:  He goes with the flow as I make a complete mess in the kitchen! He doesn’t gripe at me about it, or banish me from this room I now love so much. 🙂

I don’t mean to make a mess…really I don’t. But it never fails. I will be cutting an avocado and it will fall on the floor. Or I will be pouring some flour and somehow it ends up in plenty of places besides the bowl. And you all know what happens when I use honey! My hubby has been witness to this…I think he just sweetly feels much compassion for me.

All that to say, I have been cleaning….and I mean spring cleaning. I scrubbed, I washed, I mopped, I organized…you name it. In order to fully appreciate that I have spent at least 5 -6 hours cleaning the kitchen, here are a few before pics. I wish I had more!

Avocado on the floor


Tomatoes and onions on the floor


Red quinoa on the floor…everywhere


I think this is tapioca flour….I don’t keep it in that container you see there, so it certainly shouldn’t be on the outside of it! 🙂


Okay, here are the “after” pics….”after” 5 or 6 hours that is 😉 …



I am so excited about this! I found a basket in our house and used it to organize all my flours and other ingredients that I use daily!


What I am most thrilled about is that this is a total surprise to my hubby! He gets home tonight from being out of town and I really wanted to do something to bless him!

Now you know why I have not been on my blog…I have been so busy cleaning. I just texted my mom and told her that I don’t think I have ever worked this hard in such a short period of time! 🙂 Besides the kitchen, I spent hours in my hubby’s home office cleaning, shredding, organizing, and filing. I have thoroughly cleaned every bathroom, even all the rugs. I have swept and mopped 5 different floors, vacuumed the entire house, dusted all the furniture, cleaned the dining room and living room, and even killed spiders….ugh!!

And through it all, I have just felt so happy to do it! (No, I don’t always feel happy about cleaning. 😉 ). It just feels so good to know my hubby will come home to such a clean house! Makes my heart happy!

Now if only I could get better at not making such a mess when I cook…. 😉


Fresh Herbs


I am so excited! We use fresh herbs all the time and I have been wanting to grow my own! I was able to find Basil, Oregano, and Rosemary.

The super funny thing is this….they are currently sitting in our bedroom window  with the door closed.

I realize that seems a bit unusual, but when you have a cat who loves eating and destroying all your plants, you have got to be creative. Don’t let her cuteness fool you…. 😉


❤ our kitty!


The Landing… ;-)

When I posted on the One Lovely Blog Award the other day, I showed you this picture of my mom and I, mentioning how silly we are.

Several of you loved it, and I said something like, “You should have seen the landing!” So, even though this has nothing to do with cooking, because of some nudging from my friend Patty,  (This is for you my friend! 🙂 )  I am posting the aftermath of this fun jump…I love that my mom is always up for something like this! 🙂 We are silly girls indeed! 🙂



❤ you Mom!


Beauty….just not in the kitchen for once ;-)


No, this has nothing to do with cooking, or low-glycemic food, or gluten free food…which is what my blog is about, after all. 🙂 But, it is the reason I have been mostly MIA on here for a couple of days. I planted my first flowerbed….we have never had one before! Love it!

The gift of getting to look at it and enjoy the beauty of it makes up for my super sore body today! 😉

And thank you to my wonderful hubby who kept me nice and warm in my early morning adventures by bringing me a warm cup of my favorite tea! ❤