The Ugly Behind the Beauty

It has been wonderful cooking for my family! I am positive hopeful they think so too, despite the craziness I have brought into their kitchen! Yep, that’s right folks, I have brought all of my messiness to my parent’s house!       ( Sorry mom & Dad ❤ )

So, you saw the beautiful pie that I cooked for my dad for Father’s day….well, here is what was behind the scenes in making that pie! 😀

I really don’t know how these things happen to me, but they just do ….. sometimes often! You should have seen my dad’s face when he walked into the kitchen… 😉


And you see this egg? Who has had an egg explode on them!? Does that even really happen?! Well yes friends, it indeed does!


Because I had one explode all down my leg and foot! (Hard to see in this pic, so I circled the evidence. 🙂 )


May this bring you some laughter today….I know it brought all of us tons! And a big shout out to my mom, who cleaned all this mess up for me! ❤


33 thoughts on “The Ugly Behind the Beauty

  1. I wish I had your attitude about spillage in the kitchen, Lori. Better to have fun than get frustrated like I do when I spill things all over myself and the flour. 🙂 I’m slightly crazed about cleaning up any evidence of messiness right away. If I spill something, I have to mop it up right away, even if I’m in the middle of making something. Drives me nuts.

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    • I wish I felt the urge to clean up right away Ngan…sure would be helpful! Don’t let my smile completely fool you…I get frustrated at times too when this sort of thing happens. But I feel like it happens so much to me that I could either start crying or start laughing. 🙂


  2. Ha! I’ve had that happen before…I think it happens when the egg is cracked a little bit and gets stuck in the carton…yeah. That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it!! 😉 Have you seen my new and improved blog yet??? I moved to my own site!! I’m no longer a blog!! 🙂 See ya soon!! xoxo

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  3. haha!! Lori dear i look absolutely devastatingly ugly in the kitchen…..compared to me, you look real good… I have flour in my hair , on the face. Chocolate has a tendency to settle on my nose. Once my cousin came into the kitchen while i was….uhh…experimenting with pie crust and it turned into a family joke…..!! I was initially contemplating changing my blog name to ‘messy kitchen’…. but i guess somebody already had that blog name…. 😉 😛 Anyhow, messy cooks are the best cooks ^_^ (says ayesha)

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    • Hehehe….thanks Ayesha! Ah, you had me laughing! Love it! I am certainly a messy cook….even when I try really hard not to be! Hehehe! I love that you thought about naming your blog “Messy Kitchen!” 😀


  4. One of my fond childhood memories is my dad coming home from working, and coming into the front room to say he knew almost straight away that I’d been baking. Was it because he saw the yummy pile of biscuits I’d made? No, it was because he’d put his hand on something in the cupboard that I’d left a sticky syrup handprint on!
    I’d say it’s just the creative genius overflowing when you make a mess 😉


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