Lemon Shortcake Tart Covered in Lemon Cream and Blueberries


There is just something wonderful about cooking for others! Wouldn’t you agree? It puts a smile on my face and brings warmth to my heart! So imagine my excitement when Nancy at Feasting with Friends asked me to cook something up and do a guest post for her while she continues to recover from surgery. My thinking…”I get to cook for Nancy and her friends!” Β (Can you see me jumping up and down with excitement?!)

I really like Nancy a lot :-), so it meansΒ tons that I get to create something for her! What an honor! Those of you who know Nancy, know that she is wonderful at cooking, she has such a big heart for others, and is super encouraging! She blesses me all the time with her bloggy presence and her sweet words!

So dear Nancy, this lemon shortcake tart covered in lemon cream and blueberries is all yours! πŸ™‚ May it be a blessing to you as you continue to heal!


For more pictures and the recipe of this super yummy tart (it really was delicious…yum, yum, yum)… visit my Guest Post at Feasting with Friends! Stop in and say hello….I know Nancy would love it!




54 thoughts on “Lemon Shortcake Tart Covered in Lemon Cream and Blueberries

    • My pleasure Nancy! And thank you for giving me the honor of guest posting for you…really means a lot! I loved reading that I am one of your bloggy besties… I could definitely say the same of you !! πŸ™‚


  1. It speaks to me through the screen “Eat me, I taste delicious”… Yeah, I know, I know… πŸ˜‰

    Will you do something with cherries? Or you maybe did and I missed it..

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